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Welcome to Emporio-Italia.com, storefront for select Italian products online

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California, USA and our goal is to promote and market unique, selected products worldwide, to English-speaking Internet users. All products featured online are warehoused and shipped from California. For buyers' convenience, international orders may be shipped directly from the Italian producers' warehouses. 

Ghemme 2004, Nebbiolo grapes 100%, Tenuta Franceta, distributed by WineCountry.IT, LLC

Emporio-Italia.com focuses on Italian products only for more than one reason. Since Loris Scagliarini, the inspiration for and founder of Emporio-Italia.com, was born and grew up there, he personally knows most of the wine producers, designers, researchers, and engineers responsible for the products sold by Emporio-Italia.com. Italy has so much to offer in so many fields, that we decided focus on a culture, lifestyle, and product philosophy that we know and appreciate well.

4lock mount for Apple iPhone by EvotekUS, LLC
Starting January 2012, Emporio-Italia.com is focusing on the following three main areas:

F1 Race Simulator Pltform SYM 026 distributed by EvotekUS, LLC

The brand new SYM 026 platform was derived directly from the race simulator used by Ferrari and other professional Formula 1 driver teams. It let's users truly enjoy the emotion, feel, and adrenaline rush experienced by professional racing drivers. 

The 4Lock allows the user to mount an Apple iPhone on handlebars, for use with bicycles, motorcycles, baby strollers, gym equipment, and basically anything with bars; or in cars, trucks, and on van windshields and/or air conditioning ducts. This enables iPhone users to maximize its functions and use of favorite apps on the go, everywhere. 

Centellino AreaDivino wine aerator by WineCountry.IT, LLC

The Centellino Area DiVino is a top-of-the-bottle wine aerator, an amazing accessory which truly aerates any wine instantly. By cascading down into the hand-blown amphora-shaped glass bubble, then bubbling while filling the glass, the wine arrives on the palate with its flavor and aromas surprisingly opened, even if the bottle has just been uncorked.

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